Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tidbits of Encouragement

When the trials and difficulties of life bog us down, isn't it hard to realize the enjoyable treasures of each day? I have been struggling lately with many feelings of sadness and frustration, choking out the joys of a typical day (I do plan to write about a tragic incident that made our family and many others think about how short and precious life is). We often need a uplifting boost during a difficult time.

Here's one of my roses among the thorns: siblings. Happiness is found in the form of a child. My little brother Caleb will make me smile whether I want to or not. This is one quote from him that made me laugh...

"I don't know what God knows, but God knows everything I know."

Be encouraged and seek out the hidden gems of this day!

Friday, January 2, 2009

I Need YOUR Help!

My friend, Alyssa, keeps asking me when I'm am going to update my website, and I keep telling her, "Whenever I can find time!"

I have enjoyed transferring my old website to my new URL, but it has been a tedious process. I am pleased with the overall turnout, though several pages are uncompleted.

But here's you what you can do to help me out: contribute!

On the Poetry page, I hope to add more poetry which I have written, but I would love to have submissions from poets! If you don't write poetry, you can write a review about Godly and it will be added to the About Godly Girlhood page. Recipes to Thyme in the Kitchen can also be contributed if you have a favorite recipe to share. I will also consider guest articles for the Article page.

If I chose your submission(s), I will put a link to your website or blog (that is, if you have a website). Also you may include a short biography of yourself as I will then create a contributors page for all of the contributors.

Send your submissions to Thank you for your help!

By the way, Alyssa, you've been tagged for your trouble!

In His Love,
Miss Taylor

The Perfect Snack

A box of Ritz crackers, block cheese, and summer sausage can go a long way and lead to the perfect snack/light lunch.

There are many different varieties of this easy meal, but the most typical combination is a piece of both cheese and sausage stacked on a Ritz cracker. The possibilies are endless. Block cheese, for example, is availible in many different varieties: chedder (mild, sharp) colby, pepper jack, colby jack, etc. Ritz crackers also come in different flavors: if you prefer a vegetable taste, try Roasted Veggie; perhaps you enjoy healthier crackers-Ritz Wheat Crackers are for you; if you are like me, Orignal Ritz will satisfy your desires. Sausage also a varied, but limited, selection to chose from. Next you can add new twists to the generic version. Try BBQ sauce on your stack of cheese and sausage, or a leaf of lettuce! (I personally prefer the BBQ sauce better than the lettuce.:)

Now you won't be at a loss for the perfect snack! Enjoy!