Friday, January 2, 2009

The Perfect Snack

A box of Ritz crackers, block cheese, and summer sausage can go a long way and lead to the perfect snack/light lunch.

There are many different varieties of this easy meal, but the most typical combination is a piece of both cheese and sausage stacked on a Ritz cracker. The possibilies are endless. Block cheese, for example, is availible in many different varieties: chedder (mild, sharp) colby, pepper jack, colby jack, etc. Ritz crackers also come in different flavors: if you prefer a vegetable taste, try Roasted Veggie; perhaps you enjoy healthier crackers-Ritz Wheat Crackers are for you; if you are like me, Orignal Ritz will satisfy your desires. Sausage also a varied, but limited, selection to chose from. Next you can add new twists to the generic version. Try BBQ sauce on your stack of cheese and sausage, or a leaf of lettuce! (I personally prefer the BBQ sauce better than the lettuce.:)

Now you won't be at a loss for the perfect snack! Enjoy!

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