Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tidbits of Encouragement

When the trials and difficulties of life bog us down, isn't it hard to realize the enjoyable treasures of each day? I have been struggling lately with many feelings of sadness and frustration, choking out the joys of a typical day (I do plan to write about a tragic incident that made our family and many others think about how short and precious life is). We often need a uplifting boost during a difficult time.

Here's one of my roses among the thorns: siblings. Happiness is found in the form of a child. My little brother Caleb will make me smile whether I want to or not. This is one quote from him that made me laugh...

"I don't know what God knows, but God knows everything I know."

Be encouraged and seek out the hidden gems of this day!


Among The Flowers said...

I LOVE the little gems of joy in each day! Some days though I do need to be reminded! :) The quote from your brother is so cute! My family and I were just talking about that very thing this morning! It put a smile on all of our faces! Thanks!

kathryn grace said...

Out of the mouths of babes... (or little brothers :-). I do not have any little siblings - my one sister IS my "little" sister but in reality could hardly be called little being fifteen. I do so enjoy hearing precious sayings by other people's children and siblings.
Thanks for sharing Caleb's tidbit of truth. :-)