Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ben's Grad Party

My brother Ben, the new graduate!

Hi Everyone!

Since a picture says a thousands words, I'll let these photos do the telling of some of my favorite memories from my brother Ben's graduation party with shoot-out on June 13th, 2009. Enjoy! (BTW: Congratulations Ben!)

The girls' and boys' room both received "make-overs." We girls are getting our room painted "Sparkling Stream" blue to match our new baby blue and brown covers. Cool! (We now have another bunk bed in our room-yeah!)

I'm teaching my cousin Danielle how to shoot a .22 rifle.

My sister Leesha examines a friend's gun

Friend Alyssa shoots shot-gun. :)

Sister-friend Uli learns how to shoot

Big sister Whitney shoots a friend's handgun

Dad, Pastor Anderson, and Jayme chat about shotguns (we got our pastor hooked on trap-shooting!)

Later on we jammed for our family and friends. Uli got this picture of me playing fiddle.

Well, there you go for now! Hope you enjoyed this snapshot glance into our lives!
Bye for now, Taylor

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Among The Flowers said...

AH! You got a picture of me!!! :) I don't remember you taking that, or was I supposed to? That was such a fun time, we should do it again! I would like to see you bedroom again with the new bunk bed! I am sure you all are enjoying having a bed of your OWN! Say "Hi" to the family for me!

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