Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's Been Happening...

Me, shooting a friend's pink .22 rifle (July 5, 2009)

Hey Y'all!

The Triple F Ranch crew has been enjoying the summer, even though its precious days slip by too quickly. I am feeling like I am accomplishing some things, such as computer work three days a week, art projects, and beginning to write a new book.
I take care of our church's website on Monday, the family's website on Wednesday, and my own computer work on Thursday along with anything I didn't get done on the other websites. I am so excited today as I do computer work, as this week we just purchased Adobe Photo shop Elements 7 for our computer! It is just what I wanted/needed for my graphic designing-at least for now! The picture to the right (with the words Surrendering My All) and the above picture were retouched and edited with Adobe, and I love the results! Dan Nuckols, a local graphic designer,recommended the program to me and I am grateful we got it!
Sam, Jayme, Caleb, Ben, and I each entered an art project into the Kanabec County Fair. Ben and I are running against each other once again; Ben usually beats me, but this year I think I have the advantage! I used color pencils while he used only a mechanical graphite pencil (the judges love color!).

Here is my artwork of Braham Pie Day's Berry Fairy (one of the emcees):


My mom is doing much better. Here's pretty much the full scoop on what Mom went through:

During the first weekend of
April, Mom was stricken with horrible abdominal pains. She was sick. Mom was admitted to the hospital Palm Sunday, April 5 and wasn’t released until
Wednesday, April
8 (Taylor’s birthday). Mom was released without a
diagnosis, and was labeled by the doctors as a "mystery

Then Thursday before the concert
at our home church, St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, Mom was once again
admitted to the hospital. They did a colonoscopy on Friday, put Mom on a high dosage of prednisone, and she
was out on Saturday. Praise God, Mom was well enough to perform with us April 26
at our home church.

The doctors now think Mom has Clostridium difficile infection (a
reaction from a antibiotic).

We thank everyone who has helped,
visited, prayed for, and encouraged us during this difficult time. The support
we received has overwhelmed us (in a good way!). THANK YOU!

-from the June
2nd Great Adventure Ministry Update

Our concert schedule is growing and the Lord keeps opening up new doors and opportunities for us to minister through music. We have three concert possibilities in 2010 already! I know to many family groups this would be nothing, but to! It is very humbling to see how God chooses to use our family! We have had some fun concerts this July, but we are glad to have a two week break, especially since my dad injured his hand badly (he needed thirteen stitches in all!) this week. We are looking forward to experiencing our first bluegrass festival this August up in Itasca, Minnesota. To learn more about our family band, visit our website (which I hope to finish redesigning this summer):

Well, I had better be moving on. Enjoy your summer!

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!


P.S. I'll tell more about the book I am writing later!


Miss Kathryn said...

You are a very talented artist!

I enjoy graphic designing too! I actually started a small home business doing it - my website is Do you design mostly for personal use or have you done some for pay too?

Miss Taylor said...

Hi Miss Kathryn!

Thank you for your compliment!

I have mainly designed for my websites and the family, though I have been doing some designing for our home church. Someday I look forward to using my gifts to start a home-business as well, but things are too busy at this time! :)

Your website is very nice and professional looking!

In His Love,
Miss Taylor