Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Taylor'd Perspective: I Am Thankful For...

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Hey Everyone!

I love autumn! The cool crispness of the air thrills me as I watch the
trees change from a lush green to rich colors of red, orange, and
yellow. The tasty hot chocolate, cozy warmness of the furnace, the
leaf-raking...all these activities hold precious memories for me.

One of my favorite times during this season is the holiday of
Thanksgiving. On the fourth Thursday of every November we remember all
the blessings God has given us: family, friends, food, shelter, etc.
Families across the nation gather together to share a meal of turkey,
potatoes, cranberry sauce, and in our case, Grandma's string beans!

Every Thanksgiving for the past three or so years, we have had a
special tradition to make us more aware of our blessings through the
year. Beginning several weeks before Thanksgiving, we write things we
are thankful for on slips of paper and place them in a decorated
cardboard box. Then on Thanksgiving night, after the guests have come
and gone, we all gather around and read these notes of appreciation.
It is so interesting to hear what others are thankful! I become even
more thankful as I hear the blessings in my parents' and siblings'

Let me share with you some "I Am Thankful For's" that we have written
over the years.

Caleb: Eyes, name, clothes, hands, lips, nose, hair, arms, fingers,
finger nails, legs, glasses, eyebrows, house, deck , food, trees, wind,
cars, dump trucks, Thanksgiving.

Jayme: I am thankful that Jesus died for us. I am thankful for light.
I am thankful for the sun and moon.

Leesha: I am thankful for family.

Uli: Thank you Lord for friends. I am really glad to have Leesha as a
friend. I feel so blessed to have such a mature young lady giving me
advice and laughing with me.

Taylor: I am thankful for my wonderful, crazy home!

Ben: For all my instruments, and for the ability to play them, and for
music, and for the "Most Anticipated Night of the Year" (Legacy Five
concert) and...

Kris (Mom): Thank You God for the best children in the whole world!

David (Dad):Thank You for my dear wife, Kris.

Now I saved Sam's for last for a special reason. While going through
years of "I Am Thankful For's", I noticed almost all of Sam's were
detailed drawings of the things he was thankful for. I could not find
one he had written until I came across one on which he had simply
written: "You."

Sam was thankful for whoever read his simple message. How sweet! Yet,
how true.

In our ministry, we are thankful for whoever hears the message and
songs we bring from place to place. We pray for each one of you who
comes to our concerts and we thank God for your life. We thank God for
all of you who receive this email. Perhaps we met you briefly at a
past concert, or maybe we have known you for years, but it doesn't
matter. We are thankful for YOU.

This Thanksgiving, share this message with someone you love. Tell
them, "I am thankful for you." Let them know how much you appreciate
them. You will never have Thanksgiving 2009 again, so use this

We are grateful for you! Thank you for your encouragement, you
prayers, your smiles, and support. We appreciate you!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!

Taylor Garms

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