Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fall 2009 in Review

Sam, Caleb, and Jayme pose for a quick autumn snapshot.

Hi Everyone!

I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to write a quick blog updating you on how we are doing.

We are doing, thankfully healthy, and very busy with everyday life. We just decorated for Christmas yesterday and the house looks be-au-ti-ful! We have two concerts left for December on the 17th and then we will be done for the year of 2009. 2010 is beginning to fill up and we are excited about what the new year may bring!

Here are some pictures from our autumn...

Ben finally painted our room baby blue this November! It looks...interesting!

We recorded a TV show in Eau Claire, WI on November 13th. Here's the family with the production crew.

Me, riding a friend's horse in our front yard. Don't I look like a natural rider?
Me, with fellow singer, Heather Ruesch after a concert at our family's home church in September.

The Lil' Adventurers getting into one of their songs at a concert in November (FYI: no, Ben is not a "Lil' Adventurer;" he just happened to be standing right there!).
And finally, Caleb in a pile of leaves.

Well, my brother Ben keeps informing it's time to make popcorn, so I'd better hurry up and appease him (hungry boys won't wait!). Hopefully, I'll begin writing more frequently, for I really want to share some articles about interesting subjects...but now is not the time!

Hope all is well with your families. "May God's plans be your treasure hunt!"

In His Love,


[Ephesians 5:1-2]