Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning Lessons

Good Morning Everyone!

First off, I have recovered from my wisdom teeth surgery and came through with flying colors! I survived the IV and the nausea shot-I barely felt them! (Hey, this is coming from the girl who use to fight the nurses and scream when it came to shots and needles!) I have gaping holes in the back of my mouth and my stitches are finally coming out, but I was able to practice with the family that Thursday and the concert on Saturday was no sweat.

I cannot tell how much I have learned in the course of two months. Since the beginning of the new year, 2010, I have been realizing many things about my life. I do hope to tell lessons that I have been taught through different instances and situations, but for now I'll concentrate on one thing - business entrepreneurship.

My brother Ben has dreamed of being the CEO of his own business. Earlier this year, he and my parents purchased a course on business entrepreneurship (Venture Academy by Wade Meyers) and he has been watching the huge DVD curriculim during these past weeks. I, of course, am enjoying and benefiting from the course greatly. Now, Ben and I look at everything from a business perspective! It is too funny!

I am helping Ben start his business venture, FOGMA - Families of Gospel Music Association, LLC, by lending him my web designing skills. It is fufilling to assist my brother and help him make his dreams come true. We hope to have the website up soon, so keep your eye on http://www.fogma.org/ for more info.

We strongly encourage those interested in starting or improving a business to visit http://www.newventurelab.com/ and to purchase the Venture Academy series. You will learn so much! And best of all, it is from a godly, family-based perspective.

Ben and Taylor, the two business entrepreneurs (Feb. 21st, 2010); aren't they intelligent?

Well, I do have to be going. There's Mal to take care of, school to do, possibly shopping, and life to be lived. Hope you have a great, God-blessed day!

Lacheln, Taylor

Monday, February 8, 2010

A little prayer, please?

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to ask for some prayer. Today I'm going in for my
wisdom teeth extraction and I am pretty nervous. The roads are bad and
Mom is worried about driving (the dental office is in Coon Rapids, I
think). The appointment is set for 1:00 PM, but we have to be hitting
the road here soon.

Please keep Mom and I in your prayers. I know I'll be okay; I am just
terrified of needles, pain, and pills! :) I'll be down for two or
three days, but the good thing is that I get to eat a lot of yummy,
soft food (pudding, Jell-o, stews and soups-yum!).

Thank you! You all are in my thoughts and prayers!

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor Garms

Surrendering My All

Monday, February 1, 2010

Growing Closer to God

I wrote this blog two years ago with a former blog service. I have
found this subject again relevant to my life today, and thought you
might benefit from it as well. Blessings! -Taylor

September 2008

Growing Closer to God

Growing closer to God is a commitment. I have been learning this over
the past few weeks as God continues to work on my heart. In order for
me to come to this conclusion, a few things have happened. First,
several influences have made me consider how much time I devote to God
and the studying of His Word.

Books: I have been reading good Christian books and a few in particular
stress the importance of having personal devotions and spending time
alone with God and His Word. "A Young Woman After God's Own Heart: A
Devotional" by Elizabeth George encourages young women to grow in their
prayer life and to commune with the Lord regularity. (Note: I do not
endorse all of the views that Elizabeth George has on all areas of life
and spiritual matters [for instance, she makes dating seem acceptable],
but it the book presents many good points otherwise.) Another book that
I have been reading is a book by a young woman in my area, Teresa
Nuckols. She has recently published a book for Christian young women
about devoting time to spend with God entitled "Consider the Lilies"
and I have been enjoying her sisterly encouragement. (For more
information about this book, visit www.lilacmeadows.com.) And of
course, I am convicted by God's Word and Jesus' example of often going
off in secret and praying to His Father.

People: My parents spend time, together and individually, in God's
Word, studying and praying. I have admired them for this commitment. My
mom every morning faithfully reads a devotion from a good devotional
book and then we (those who can read fairly well in my family) read
about two chapters a day in what book of the Bible we are studying at
the time. My parents are good examples (not perfect, but good) of
spending time in God's Word.

CDs: Our family has many wonderful resources in our home (as we found
out last week when we began to reorganize the family library; not a
particularly fun task, yet it can be enjoyable at times). Among those
resources are multiple CDs that provide godly encouragement. Last year,
my sister Leesha, Mom, and I attended a Bright Lights conference
presented by Sarah Mally. I received much encouragement from that
experience and among the resources gained were numerous CDs by Sarah
Mally and other Bright Lighters. In these, much stress is put on
personal time with God and memorizing Scripture. More nudging on my
heart. Another resource that has been a push in the right direction is
a CD put out by Crystal Paine called "What to Do While Waiting for
Prince Charming." In her presentation, Crystal encourages young women
to devote as much as they can now than to wait until they are married
and have families; they will have barely enough time then to spend at
least ten minutes in God's Word.

So, I have said all this to say this: I am striving to spend (as it has
been pointed out, it will cost me something: time!) more PTJ (Personal
Time with Jesus). For the more time I spend with Him, the more I will
be like Him. If you spend time with your family or friends, more than
not, people will be able to tell who you have been around by the way
you talk and act. I want to be like Christ, so I am making this a goal
of mine: to increase the time I devote to strengthening my relationship
with Christ and the reading of His Word.

In His Love, Miss Taylor