Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning Lessons

Good Morning Everyone!

First off, I have recovered from my wisdom teeth surgery and came through with flying colors! I survived the IV and the nausea shot-I barely felt them! (Hey, this is coming from the girl who use to fight the nurses and scream when it came to shots and needles!) I have gaping holes in the back of my mouth and my stitches are finally coming out, but I was able to practice with the family that Thursday and the concert on Saturday was no sweat.

I cannot tell how much I have learned in the course of two months. Since the beginning of the new year, 2010, I have been realizing many things about my life. I do hope to tell lessons that I have been taught through different instances and situations, but for now I'll concentrate on one thing - business entrepreneurship.

My brother Ben has dreamed of being the CEO of his own business. Earlier this year, he and my parents purchased a course on business entrepreneurship (Venture Academy by Wade Meyers) and he has been watching the huge DVD curriculim during these past weeks. I, of course, am enjoying and benefiting from the course greatly. Now, Ben and I look at everything from a business perspective! It is too funny!

I am helping Ben start his business venture, FOGMA - Families of Gospel Music Association, LLC, by lending him my web designing skills. It is fufilling to assist my brother and help him make his dreams come true. We hope to have the website up soon, so keep your eye on http://www.fogma.org/ for more info.

We strongly encourage those interested in starting or improving a business to visit http://www.newventurelab.com/ and to purchase the Venture Academy series. You will learn so much! And best of all, it is from a godly, family-based perspective.

Ben and Taylor, the two business entrepreneurs (Feb. 21st, 2010); aren't they intelligent?

Well, I do have to be going. There's Mal to take care of, school to do, possibly shopping, and life to be lived. Hope you have a great, God-blessed day!

Lacheln, Taylor

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