Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little Girl's Way

Walking outside with "Pink Journal" in hand, I planned to unload millions of thoughts on a variety of subjects. I headed over to the "Jumping Logs" near our firepit and straddled one of the remaining trunks, opening my journal. I had already written down a verse from Isaiah 26:12, "Lord, thou wilt ordain peace for us: for thou also wrought all our works in us." (KJV) (In the ESV, this verse says, "O Lord, you will ordain peace for us, for you have indeed done for us all our works.") I was thinking about peace, especially in light of trials we conforted this afternoon, and preparing to write about peace when I looked toward our neighbors' house.

There they were, our new neighbors, walking slowly along the edge of their acreage, spending a Sunday afternoon together. Daddy, mommy, child, and new baby. I was stuck at how peaceful and content they seemed, just strolling in the fields together as a family. I proceeded to write a journalistic observation about them, testing my writing skills, and then wrote a comparision of their family and ours. I determined that though we aren't nessessarily the most peaceful at the moment, we still are a family and willing to go through thick and then with each other. We still love each other.

During my writing fury, I lifted my eyes again toward the family across the acres and found an interesting scene before me. The daddy stood amongst the trees, hands outstretched, calling to his little girl who stood reluctantly by the house. He motioned, beckoning. The girl stayed, perhaps with a pout on her face (I was too far away to tell). Finally, after a while, the child toddled over to her daddy and the family continued walking.

I smiled, seeing myself in that little girl.

I wrote in my journal:
"What a picture of my Heavenly Father and I! I, the little girl, often lag behind and wander away from God, Who wants to bring me all the good things He has in store for my life. I think I know best, what will make me happy. I don't believe God will satisfy me more than my ways and 'idols.' But God beckons, calls..."

How often I have missed what God has for me and ignored what He wants me to do. I don't have the "faithsight" to see what's ahead, so I must trust God knows the way. How often have I failed the testing of my faith under temptation and trial! I stand, in the mire of my sin, stubbornly refusing to follow God all the way. Yet He still calls.

Our pastor once described sin this way: "Sin is like a nice warm, blanket on a cold, rainy day." Who wants to leave the comfort of a cozy fleece throw to step outside into the uncertainty of a dismal day? But God has a better plan, He knows the better way. Yes, the rain is wet and sometimes miserable, but it makes the flowers grow. Without it, spring would never fully come.

It's time to stop standing and start running toward God's outstretched hands. Leave the blanket behind and tear off down the road. Let's not mind if we get a little wet or even if we get soaked. The flowers will grow and the Son will shine.

"...let us also lay aside every weight and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us..." (Hebrews 12:1b)

Are you still standing in your own path? Are you trapped under a blanket of sin? Let's give our way up to God and follow Him, for He has the better way.

He knows me. I trust Him.


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