Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April: Living for the Moment

Our family with the Booth Brothers! April 11th, 2010

April 10th, 2010

I love Saturday afternoons! I am sitting on our sectional with my
laptop, soaking in the my favorite radio program: the Gospel Greats
with Paul Heil. The sun is shining, providing a cheerful atmosphere to
our home. Poor Sam is sick with a low-grade fever and hopes to get
better before our Booth Brother concert tomorrow night. And he just
turned down my music! Brothers!

On Thursday, I celebrated my 18th birthday. Whoa, that's old. I'm too
young to be that old! :)

I have been boarding my horizons this year, as I demonstrated on my
birthday...I actually got my ears pierced! So, let's see, this year, I
got my ears pierced, wisdom teeth pulled, began eating salads, but
still haven't swallowed pills yet. (Honestly, I can't swallow pills!
Go ahead and laugh.)

At the age of "adulthood", I have been feeling the urgency to use my
time wisely and invest in my family's lives. I probably have more
years behind me ahead than the ones left to spend with my family. What
a depressing thought!

It is hard to cherish each moment and to live in today. Learning to
live in reality is quite an interesting experience. Too many of us
slip into the past by dwelling on failures and mistakes we've made
along our journey. Then also we live in the future, focusing on what
may or may not happen, and on what we don't have. The present day in
which we live in is often forgotten in the flurry of memories and
worries. Concentrating on the here and now brings us to reality and
wakes us up to what is really before our eyes.

I have been trying to live each day, each moment, as it comes; to
treasure the present in my life, because things won't be this way
always. Someday, things will be changed, not all of us will be here,
the surroundings may be different; yes, things will be different, but
that day is not now.

A while ago, I wrote in my journal a reminder of reality, a real
grounding of thoughts. Often when I find myself absorbed in the past,
or caught up in the future, I think words of reality, as you will read…

Dear Diary,

This is me. This my life. This is who I am. This is my family. This is my life. I don't have tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come.
I have this moment, today and tonight. Yesterday is done. The pages have
turned, and cannot be written in. No sentence, no words, no sections
can be blotted out or erased. Yes, Yesterday is done.

The Time before me is empty and bare. What should I
do? What should I say?

How can I live for today? How can I make the most
out of today? How can I touch someone's life today? What can I accomplish

I only have today to live, to hope, to breathe, and
follow in His Way.

I encourage you to live in Today. Move on from the past, and forget
that tomorrow may even come. You only have this moment, so what are
you going do with it?


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the W. family said...

Hi Taylor!
We figured you all would probably be going to the Booth Brothers concert in Maplewood! We went to their concert Saturday evening in Fergus Falls! It was SO GOOD!! We loved it! We are so grateful for their stand on the truths in God's Word. It was a very refreshing evening!

What you wrote about treasuring each moment was really good! It was a good reminder!

Oh and a belated Happy Birthday to you!!! May God bless you in the year ahead as you seek to please Him in all that you do!

It has been a wonderful spring hasn't it!? The grass is growing! :)

In His love,
Amy Wolf

I haven't mastered the skill of swallowing pills yet either and I am 25! :)