Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Purpose and Mission

I admire people with mission and purpose. You look into their eyes and see a vision, a determination for their life. They aren’t aimlessly floundering for rhyme and reason in their existence. They know what they were put on earth to do, so they are going to do it. There are not many people with vision for their life, so visionaries, especially godly visionaries, are priceless, in my book.

Back in March, I wrote a mission statement for my life. I discovered several Bible verses I could claim for my life and was renewed in purpose. Let me share with you my mission:

To encourage the Body of Christ, especially Christian young women, to passionately serve God in every area of their life, and to give hope to those who are going through similar situations and trials I have experienced.

My defining Bible verses:

Romans 12 exemplifies my mission statement because…
1. It urges believers to live according to the Word and to be transformed through God’s power;
2. It encourages people to use gifts and lives for the glory of God;
3. It gives an example and "manual" for godly living.

Ephesians 5:1-2 ("Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.") is my life verse because…
1. It encourages me to be an imitator of God and live a Christian life always;
2. It reminds me I am a child of God;
3. It inspires me to walk in love;
4. It gives a picture of Christ’s love for me;
5. It reminds me my life should be a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God, just like Christ's.

Do you a life mission? What has God given you to do? What are your talents and abilities? As a Christian, you have been called to glorify God with your life; so what are you doing? I encourage you to sit down with your Bible and a notebook and identify your strengths, pulls, and abilities. Search for foundational verses that exemplify your life’s mission. What has God placed on your heart? Are there certain people you feel God calling you to minister to?

After you identify several things about yourself, then begin serving God in little ways. Do you have like to encourage people? Make someone the "Target of the Week" and send a note or card to them. You never know how God could use this outreach to touch someone‘s life. Do you enjoy serving people? Make a meal for a struggling family in your church or community, offer to help a member of your family in a certain task, or do something (like a chore) for someone else in your family. Is singing and music an ability of yours? Ask if you can sing at your church, or perhaps visit an assisted-living home or hospital and brighten someone's day. The opportunities for ministry are limitless!

If you have had tremendous hurt in your past, share how God has brought you through. Reaching out helps heal your own hurts, as you are able to concentrate on someone else and his or her needs. Have you helped certain groups of people (homeless, orphans, mentally ill, elderly, young)? Take the time to encourage someone else who is embarking on a similar path.

Don’t be like the rest of the world who are wasting their lives trying to fill up their holes and hurts. You have purpose in Christ-chiefly to glorify Him and make Him known to your world. Don’t hide your talents in a drawer; they were meant to shine for Jesus!

Go for it.


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