Monday, June 14, 2010

June 2010

Leesha and I singing during the Pro-Family Picnic in Pine City, MN - June 6th, 2010
Hey Everyone!

Life is busy at the Garms household! May was full of Great Adventure concerts (eight, in fact!) and June is pretty busy as well! We got home really late last night from a concert up in Duluth-what an awesome night!-and slept in late this morning. It was kind of wacky morning, as most of us woke up when the power went out and the doorbell was ringing. It interrupted a crazy mystery dream I was having and I was upset! :) I guess the power company shut off our power for a while, for whatever reason, and kindly stopped by to inform us. It eventually came on, and certainly got our morning going with an interesting start! Right now I am in the midst of working on the church's website, waiting for our slow dial-up internet to load web pages.

We are looking forward to recording a CD soon. Whoa! We recently purchased quality recording software and equipment (IMac computer, Presonus software, Presonus interface, etc.) with the funds we did have saved. We were so hoping to record at Stirling Sound here in Minnesota, but unfortunately, we don't have enough funds or weekends at this time, and the Lord has been pressing us (through many different ways) to record-now! So look for more stories on home recording. We like what we have done so far!

I am looking forward to graduating this year. I have only some Consumer Math and Drivers' Ed left and then I am DONE! I am so excited to be on to a new season in life, though it is sad and a little scarey to see this season of school pass. Life will not slow down for me, but will continue to speed on with its dizzy busyness. I am not planning to go to college (I don't have a need to go at all), but plan to launch my own graphic/web design business and further Godly Girlhood. And of course, how I can leave the family band? :)

Well, I really should go. I thought I'd write a quick blog, as I haven't written for almost two months. I hope ya'll are well and I hope to write more later.


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Daughter of the King said...

The new Godly Girlhood website is beautiful! I'm sure it will be an encouragement to many young ladies!

In Christ,