Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Happenings...

I know my last blog entry probably left you all wondering if we were swept away by the horrible storms several weeks ago, but FYI, we are just fine! There were strong winds, weird clouds, and LOTS of rain, yet the Triple F Ranch is okay and thriving. In fact, it's changed, not by twisters, but by our own hands. That's right, we finally spent last week cleaning and landscaping. My little hosta garden looks pretty good and the area around our house is weeded. Our garage, which is ready to fall down any day now, is nice and clean, swept out and organized. It's about time!

I have revamped our family's blog and am excited about the potential posts. Visit for Great Adventure stories and pictures. (I'll try to write GA happenings there, not on my blog!)

I started to redesign my website recently, as some of you have noticed. But I want to put it on hold until I have purchased the software to design exactly what I envision for Godly Girlhood. I am so excited and my plans for the website keep growing! When I launch the new website, I think you will all really enjoy it!

Happy Fourth of July! I saw this phrase recently, "America, Bless God." Amen!