Sunday, August 15, 2010


After a whirl of activity, deep cleaning, food preparation, rummaging through old pictures, receiving guests, eating food, spilling raspberry iced tea on the floor, watching the soccer ball get stuck in a tree, playing violin, devouring the cake, opening cards and gifts, and then finally receiving the diploma and relaxing, my graduation party is over.

What a milestone. After years of waking up each morning and getting out my school books to complete my studies for the day, after crying over math problems I didn't understand, after breezing through my favorite subjects (art, spelling, literature, and English) only to find I had my least favorites to finish (namely math and science), after learning many things through my textbooks, I am now done with another season in life. And it is about time!

I was enrolled in a private school for preschool through kindergarten until Dad and Mom made the decision to homeschool us. Already at my young age I was experiencing problems with bullies and peer pressure, so I am glad and very grateful my parents decided to bring me and my siblings out of that enviroment.

Homeschooling provides such a freedom and ability that I would have never found in public or private school. I believe because of the flexibility of homeschooling I was able to really pursue my talents in art, music, and most recently, graphic/web design.

I have so much I can write on this subject. Now that I am graduated, I hope to really devote more time to my own blog and emails (yes, I am SO behind!).

Next blog? Plans after graduation! I am so excited!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quick Update!

Welcome to my newly re-designed blog! (Not my design, but it's okay!) My other design "disappeared" (don't ask), so I had to redo it, quickly!

I hope to share more soon about the exciting things in store for my future, but be content with graduation is set for August 14th! Wahoo! I can't wait to be done!


aka: "TK"/"Sunshine"/"TaylorTot" :)