Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Almost Recovered, But Now...

Almost better! "Arm's Length Photography" this Sunday (Sept. 19th, 2010).

Praise God, I am almost fully recovered from the chicken pox! Except for healing scabs and faint red spots, my normal skin is showing again. Whew! I was worried I'd never look the same.

But now, get this: Leesha and Sam have both come down with chicken pox as well! Exactly two weeks after I was "afflicted", my younger siblings, both immunized against the disease, have started showing spots and running fevers. I can't believe it!

It will be tough, because our "Most Anticipated Night of the Year" (Legacy Five concert) is this Friday, and poor Leesha and Sam will probably be looking similiar to Ben and I. Now we know why we didn't have many concerts this month! :)

Okay Lord, we will follow You wherever You lead. We will continue to trust in You.


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