Friday, September 10, 2010

Drowning in the Sea of Pox and Itch...

I looked into the mirror and almost yelped at what I saw. In a panic I rushed out of the bathroom, covering my face, crying out, "Don't look at me! I look horrible and feel horrible!" I crumpled on the floor near where Ben was playing guitar. Jayme and Caleb just stared at me with wide eyes while Ben quickly examined me.

It's amazing how one's appearance can totally change overnight.

On Saturday I had an odd cough, but thought little of it, as I wasn't sick. On Sunday I was pretty worn out, though we didn't have any concerts last weekend. Then on Monday, I knew something was wrong. My body ached all over, like I had been on a LONG bike ride. By mid-afternoon, I knew I had a fever. Mom told me to take some Airborne, but by that time, I was in for it. Ben suggested I may be getting the mysterious virus he had two weeks earlier. I hoped I didn't, because it came with some blistery spots. Yet, sure enough, I looked at my forehead that evening and found a bump, just like his. Ben just smiled. But I had no idea what was coming.

Tuesday, I was down and out, feeling pretty feverish. So far, not so bad. I spent a lot of my day thinking, praying, and reading my Bible-just a wonderful time of repentence, worship, and encouragement with my Lord. I started to get a few more spots, but nothing major. "This will blow over fast," I thought.

Then came Wednesday. My face, neck, and chest were totally covered with horrible red, blistery spots, and I was itching like crazy when I woke up. I freaked out (see the first paragraph), because even Ben's outbreak wasn't as bad as this was. I looked like a monster, and felt like one too!

Yesterday Thursday was the absolute worst day of the week! By then I had spots all over my body and no relief from the itching. This did not seem to fit the description of what Ben was diagnosed with (even the diagnosis Ben was given didn't fit what he had)-pityriasis rosea-but it reminded Mom and Dad of chicken pox. All of us kids had been vaccinated when we were younger, so it didn't make sense. I had even had a small pout of chicken pox, so was it even possible? I was SO miserable the entire day and cried many times, wishing for the itch and bumps to go away. I didn't get but an hour of sleep last night (I'm really feeling it right now!).

This morning I felt better, my face especially. Mom did some more research, and we became convinced Ben and I had chicken pox. She called the hospital, and the nurse agreed with her. How crazy is that? I have a severe case of chicken pox, but am now (kind of) on the mend. Praise God. I still look scarey, and we have a concert tomorrow night (ekks!), but thank God I getting through it. I was begging God to take away the pain yesterday, and was even getting mad at Him for letting me go through such misery. But with the gentle reminders from my Dad, I have begun to be more accepting of what God is letting me go through.

It's a weird outbreak, and I certainly can say I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, except if he was really, really bad and evil. :) Stay healthly, and I appreciate your prayers as I attempt to get my strength back and try to do a concert with my family tomorrow night. ("Unclean! Unclean!") That will be interesting. But right now, I NEED MORE BENEDRYL!


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