Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New School Year, New Schedule

Sam, Jayme, and Caleb doing school.

A thrill of excitement ran through me as I heard the alarm go off this Monday morning at 7:30 am. Jayme stirred in the bed across our room and Leesha began to climb out of her bunk. The first day of school!

Then it hits me, I'm done with school. :( But the joy and excitement of Leesha, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb was contagious; I was excited! A brand new school year, with brand new books, and best of all, a brand new schedule! That is something I have always wanted: instead of just routine, schedule. And now, this year, we have it. Yeah!

I spent Monday morning crafting my schedule. Here it is:

7:30 am: Get-up / Get Ready / Make Bed and Clean-up Room
7:45 am: Personal Bible Study
8:00 am: Breakfast / Family Devotion
9:00 am: Home Clean-up / Finish Room / Getting Ready
9:30 am: Venture Academy / Business Training
10:00 am: Computer Time - Blogging / Email / Web Work / GA Stuff
11:30 am: Mal / Extra Time
12:00 pm: Correspondence - Letters / Notes of Encouragement
12:30 pm: Lunch / Clean-up / Vocal Workout
1:30 pm: Driver’s Ed
2:00 pm: Writing - Stories / Devos / Articles / Poetry / Songs
2:30 pm: Household Check / Clean-up
3:00 pm: Music (Practice, DVDs, and Books) - Mandolin / Fiddle / Piano / Guitar / Banjo
3:30 pm: Phy-Ed - Bike Riding / Walking / Exercises
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm:
Scrap-booking / Recipe Collecting / Foreign Language / Business Planning / New Skills (Crocheting / Sewing?) / Design Work / VDGC / Extra Time
5:30 pm: Help with or Prepare Supper
6:00 pm: Supper
7:00 pm: Great Adventure Gospel Band Practice
8:00 pm: Sugar Creek Gang Family Reading / Clean-up
8:30 pm: Free Time and Misc. Stuff / Take care of the cats
9:30 pm: Get Ready for Bed
10:30 pm: Bed-time

So far I haven't had a full day to see how this schedule really works, but today may be that day! I tried most of the morning activities yesterday, and it was nice. I have much to do, and I am grateful for it.

I am also trying to be aware of how I can be more of a servant in our home and to others. I automatically think, "What I can do for me today?", instead of, "How can I serve others today?" It is so hard to think of others first. Dad and Mom gave me a beautiful necklace several years ago; a pendant with three small diamonds hung on a delicate silver chain. I called it my "JOY" neckace: Jesus - Others - Yourself. I loved the reminder. (Unfortunately, one of my sisters accidently vacuumed the chain after it had fallen from my shelf and it has been un-wearable ever since.) Yes, Jesus needs to come first, others second, and me last. It's all about "surrendering my all", isn't it?

Well, I have blogging to do on Great Adventure's blog. How fun! Then, let's see, what's on the schedule next...

Have a great day!



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