Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photoshop Workshop and Beyond

I love graphic designing. It thrills me to see designs forming with the click of a mouse and tweaking of objects and pictures. I have loved art for years, doodling since I was just a little girl. And I liked showing and giving my art to people. Gifts to my family members, scribblings for friends, cards with relevant cartoons or designs for people, pictures in art contests, etc.

Somehow, someway I became interested in computer art. Probably around the time I started Godly Girlhood, I found I could edit photos and manipulate objects and text in such a way to create cool little buttons and things for my website. Then came our family band and we needed brochures and business cards. How fun! My first attempts weren't very good, but I learned a lot.

Here are some of my recent "buttons" for our family blog and FOGMA:

Anyway, I went to a Photoshop Workshop last Thursday and learned a lot! My brain was on overload and I was so excited to try out my new "skills" on my trial Photoshop CS5. There is SO much to learn about Photoshop and I've barely scratched the surface.

Here are some (poor) examples of what I can now do on Photoshop.

It kind of looks like I couldn't make up my mind on this picture! Using the masking technique, I layered different pictures of Jayme to a background picture and then changed the opacity levels. That is so cool!

"Auntie Em!" This technique makes Sam and Caleb look like they were stuck in a tornado! Using layers and selections, I was able to create this neat effect.

Dad and Mom twenty years younger! No, they always look that young! :) Using the Patch tool and the Healing Brush tool, I took away all their "wrinkles". I didn't do the best job, as it kind of made their skin look all splotchy. (BTW: These tools don't take away chicken pox!)

My favorite! Again, the masking technique with a watercolor brush, a butterfly brush and burning on the yellow shape, a diffuse glow filter on the photo (the photo had been edited previously), and opacity and drop shadow on the text. It looks SO pretty!

If you are interested in graphic designing and photo editing, get Adobe Photoshop! It is amazing and you will never learn it in your life time!

The sad news for me is, My trial just wore out, so I now have to purchase it. Ouch! But I can't wait!



Miss Kathryn said...

I love graphic design too! I have Adobe Photoshop Elements. It's not the most "up there" version of Photoshop but it works for my needs. I'm into photography too and am recently learning more about photo editing! Lots of fun! I have a graphic design business called Prairie Rose Designs. Have you ever thought about offering your services?
Love your photos and buttons!

Rebekah said...

I enjoy photo editing on the computer as well. Though I don't have Photoshop (yet!) I still enjoy seeing what I can do with what I have :)

These photos that you did are so neat! Great job!

Alyssa Rose said...

That is so C.O.O.L! I love what you did to the pictures! It looks like you learned a lot! Would love to hear more... we will have to talk soon! :o)

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun with photoshop! Love the picture of Jayme! I'm a bit of a photography bug myself and having been wanting a photoshop program for awhile, so I might have to give Adobe Photoshop a try. Hope your siblings are beginning to feel better.

In Him,
Kate from Two By Four

P.S. Love your new blog design!