Friday, September 24, 2010

True Woman Story: Part One

This series is based on a blog from Lies Young Women Believe. Erin Davis said, "In the meantime, I would love to hear your true woman story.What has God recently taught you about what it means to be a girl? What questions do you still have about His design for your femininity? What do you think He wants to change in your heart and life in the next ten years?" This is my true woman story...

She sat side-saddle on the fallen log, her blonde hair being tossed in the slight breeze, her blue eyes were turned toward the book in her hands. Her young, growing form was slightly pudgy, her face dotted with acne, her movements sometimes clumsy, but she dreamed of being beautiful, graceful, like a princess. The newly turned 14-year old was on the start of a new adventure that had just barely commenced the year before. It was the journey of true womanhood and discovering what God wanted for her life.

In her hands she held a challenging book, So Much More, by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin. The concepts and stories told in the book intrigued the girl and she found herself wishing to blossom into godly womanhood as described in the book. The ideas of purity and modesty weren't strange to her, but being a daughter thriving at home and cultivating a servant heart and submission were slightly foreign. Giving her heart to her parents? That was difficult to imagine. But she wondered, Was that possible?

As she read these wonderful ideas, taken straight from God's Word, she felt a desire to share these same concepts. But how? A website, of course! Hold on, what did she know about websites? Nothing, but she soon brought it up to her parents, and the rest became history.
Soon articles, poems, recipes and more popped up on the little website. The girl wrote with conviction, but her articles were unpolished and filled with typos. Even so, young women and mothers seemed to benefit from her writings.

But as the years went by, the girl was bothered by the growing unrest in her own heart. She fought her own temper, was plagued by subtle lies that dominated her thinking, bothered by her impatience with her siblings, troubled by her disrespect toward her parents, weighed down with bitterness toward certain people, filled with doubt and confusion about God, and struggled with hidden sin in her heart. Each time she wrote another blog about purity and crushes, her conscience was stung. One day would find her writing an article about helping mothers and then, the next day found her slacking in her responsibilites and provoking her own mom. Her heart was in doing good and living for the Lord, but she kept messing up and she felt like she wasn't worthy to be maintaining a website about godly girlhood.

She struggled with idols erected in her heart: guys, lies, wrong attitudes, and at the center, herself. The young woman knew they had to go if she was to be a true follower of Christ and they would only hinder her in her journey of true womanhood, but it was so hard to get rid of the idols that had ruled her life so long. God was beckoning to the young woman, and she knew what He offered, but the passing pleasures called louder.

Toward the end of her 17th year, the young woman was sinking into a depression. She had clutched so tightly at the things she thought satisfied, but now their gleam was dimming. It did not feel good to be always looking for true love and going from one guy to the next in her mind. It did not feel good to tell herself the old lies, "Nobody loves me. I'm not good enough. I'm always causing problems. The world would be better without me." It did not feel good to rebel and cause disruptions in her family. It did not feel good to be distant from her parents. It did not feel good to be so distant from God. What was wrong?

To be continued.

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