Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pick a Few Flowers

"Mom, we have some flowers for you!" my youngest brother called out to our mom. He and my other little brother stood in the foyer of our home, each boy carrying a flower in his hand. Because of their dirty shoes, they got down on their knees and "shuffled" to where our mom was in the kitchen. They proudly lifted their flowers to Mom and gave her one of the greatest gifts kids give their mothers.

It has always been touching when people gift me with flowers, whether it was the nine roses from my grandma on my ninth birthday, or the bouquet of daisies and wildflowers my parents gave me for my eighteenth birthday, or the dandelions my siblings give me occasionally. Each time I receive these beauties of nature, I am thrilled that someone cared enough to give me that gift.

Though, often times, I overlook the "flowers" my Heavenly Father sends my way, whether if it’s actual flowers spread out on the lawn during summer, or the little blessings throughout the day. We so often walk by flower beds of God’s goodness and don’t even realize His gifts. And if we do, how often we thank or praise Him for what He has done?

I challenge you today to look at the flowers around you and thank your Father and Creator for His provision in the small things of life. Also, pick a few flowers for someone today.

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