Friday, October 1, 2010

Reflection Creation Revealed

This post is for Miss Kathryn at (and for anyone else who is interested), revealing the steps to creating yesterday's random Photoshop example. Enjoy it, Kathryn!
First, I put some text down on my canvas, choosing a bold font, Impact, for my artwork. Looks kind of boring, don't you agree?
Then I added from the Effects Palette on the right two effects: Translucent Glass and Drop Shadow. Makes the font come alive a bit, right?
Next, I added a gradient, using the Gradient Tool on the Tool bar to the left.

Using the key-shortcut "Control-J" or ("Command-J" on a Mac) to duplicate the text layer, I then flipped my new text layer upside down, below my original font.

I changed the opacity level (found in the Layers Palette) of the new text layer to 37% (you can tweak it to whatever fit your preferences).

Then, taking my Eraser tool, I erase the bottom (or top) of the new text layer, making it look like a reflection. Again, erase until you get the result you want. Wah-lah! The finished product!

I was not able to do it exactly as the book says, as I don't have the big program and the actual method requires layer masks, but I came close!
Any questions?


Miss Kathryn said...

Awww, you are so sweet! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I just tried it out... it worked! Yaaay!

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