Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spotlight on Visionary Daughters

The most life-changing book I have read, except for God's Word, of course, has been So Much More by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin. Filled with amazing encouragement for today's young women, So Much More offers challenging principles from the Bible for Christian daughters and sisters.

Here's the review:
This book is not another Christian-teenage-girl “survival guide.” So Much More shows how Christian girls can wage war with the world and win. The Botkin sisters focus on how young women can rise above their God-hating culture and change it for the better.

Today, countless young ladies face difficult problems and challenging questions. While many long for godly purpose in their lives, their bewilderment mounts when they observe broken homes, distant fathers, overwhelmed mothers, degrading college courses, and a lack of spiritual guidance — both at home and at church. As hope for security and stability fades, it is no wonder that many young ladies feel orphaned, unprotected, and without hope for their futures.

Within the pages of this book, discover practical, biblical solutions for the young woman who wants to do so much more than just “survive” in a savagely feministic, anti-Christian culture. Find the answers a girl is not likely to get from her church, her peers, or her culture.

Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin

The Botkin sisters started a website several years ago and it is just as inspiring as their book. I love checking it out from time to time and finding an article that meets me just where I am. Their desire to present a picture of godly womanhood to all women is evident through their writings. The sisters are not afraid to stand on God's Word and clearly share their opinion on many subjects.

From the website:

In this new website, we would like to present a brave new vision for daughterhood. In light of the two views of womanhood subduing young Christian women — womanhood dedicated to useless ambition, and womanhood dedicated to useless langour — both leading girls to squander their youth — we would like to recall to daughters’ minds one of the defining aspects of biblical womanhood: useful womanhood.

The purpose of this site is to condone practical, purposeful, productive, dominion-oriented femininity.

Young ladies need to understand the significance of these years before marriage, because this unique season of life is a special gift from God.

You have but one lifetime to spend in our Lord’s service. How you spend these years of your life will touch the course of history and change it forever. We hope this site will give practical advice on how to be good stewards of these very important years.

So Much More was not a survival guide, and this site is not a service to provide survival tips to teenage girls. Visionary is dedicated to helping young unmarried women understand how they can wage war with the world and win.

We want to provide resources that will encourage and equip young women to do God’s work God’s way; in particular, to become greater blessings to their families, more effective arrows in the hands of their fathers, and better ambassadors for Christ.

I encourage you to visit their website and be inspired to be the visionary daughter you have been called to be. (Also check out the documentary, The Return of the Daughters; my sister and I just love it! What a encouragement!)


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Rebekah said...

I highly recommend "So Much More" as well! I haven't been able to read the whole thing yet, but what I have been able to read has been so good!