Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Broken Bridges

Recently someone I love let me down, went back on her word, and left me hurt and numb to her constant rejection. How many times must my heart break? Words don't mean a thing when there is nothing to back them up. "Sorry" doesn't build broken bridges when there aren't actions to repair the damage.

I have to step back, though, and look deep at this person. There is hurt, confusion, self-loathing, emptiness and disillusionment. What can I expect from such a hurting individual? More of the same. Because I can see this person's own hurt, I can rise above mine and forgive her. There are times I haven't desired to forgive, but I must. Healing begins with me. We may never have a relationship like we had before, but I must forgive.

I can have compassion on her because of her struggles. "Lord, give me the eyes of Jesus to see beyond my near-sightedness, and to see the heart." She has a large, God-shaped hole, and I can continue pray the Lord would soften her heart and lead her to Himself, for that's Who she needs.

A while ago, I wrote a poem dedicated to this particular person.

"Seek, but you won't ever find someone just like God;
Who can take you in His arms and calm your hurting heart.
You may search your whole life long, but God will always remain the same.
He will love forever, reject you never.
Seek, but you won't ever find someone just like God."

Just some thoughts for the day.


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