Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Demo CD Design and More

We completed a demo CD for our band this month, and I had the privilege to design the insert and label. Want to see them?

Here's the CD insert. This, by far, is my favorite CD cover design for our group.

Here's the CD label. This was fun to make, but frustrating to print!

I created both of these on Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 (before I really made the transition from Elements to CS5). The whole package turned out nicely.

Here's some other designing projects I've done recently:

This is a poster I did for an upcoming Fundraiser concert with our friends, the Alzen Family. I did this on Photoshop CS5. Note the reflection techinque.

A CD cover I did for my brother Ben, who wanted a picture for his Lord of the Rings music on our Apple IMac. Again, this was done with Photoshop CS5. By the way Ben, PC is better than Apple! (We're love arguing about which computer is better.)

My most recent designing project. I created this header for the new Godly Girlhood website last night. I think I am satisfied with this color scheme and I like how the header turned out! (Photoshop CS5).

I love designing!

Lacheln, Taylor

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