Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day - November 2nd, 2010

This is my first year to participate in our country's greatest freedoms: the freedom to vote and make my voice heard. But sometimes I wonder if my voice counts...

Earlier this year I was filled with political fervor as I entered grassroots politics, but the more I was involved, the more disgusted I became with our country's politics. The mudslinging I saw in the campaigning was disheartening and the low standards of some so-called conservative and even Christian candidates dampened my enthusiasm. The more I learned about our country's problems and darkening future, the more helpless I felt to do anything but stand and watch it crumble around me.

Is my voice important? Is there hope for our nation?

I'm only one voice, but I am a voice. I can still call for justice, godly morals, the protection of life, and the sanctity of marriage. While I have the ability to stand up for the Lord's ways, I will stand up. It is my duty as an American and a Christian to vote and protect freedom. The cry for freedom minus multiple"one voices" will slowly die out. Yes, my voice is important.

As for our nation...if we turn to the Bible as our guide and allow the Lord to rule our everyday lives, our families, our churches, and eventually our government, we can regain ground given to the devil. The revival of America needs to start in the individual lives and the home. Our government and country is made up of individuals who have homes, and if the heart and home is right with God, then our nation will be as well.

The future is unclear for America, but we can make our voices heard and start revival in our own lives and homes. That is where it all begins.



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