Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What is Lacheln?

I have had many people ask me what "lacheln" means, as I often fail to make some mention of its meaning. No, it is not Russian, nor Welsh for "sincerely", nor an acronym for "Lost A Crazy Huge Earmuff Last Night" (these are true speculations by confused friends :).

Lacheln is German for "smile". Let me explain.

My family is very German. In fact, my dad's grandfather immigrated from Germany when he was about 16 years old, and came to America through Ellis Island in New York. Many of my parents' relatives also came from Germany and some still reside in that nation. Yes, we have other nationalities mixed-in, most interesting is our Cherokee Indian-but you can see the prominent German influence in us kids (take my blonde hair and blue eyes for example). That being said, I am proud of my heritage.

Now, if you know me, you know I generally like to smile. I have liked making people smile for years. When I was younger, my "card production company" was called "Smile Productions", and I would this title and smiley face logo on the back of every card I would make.

When I investigated starting my own graphic design business, I researched this name and discovered it was taken. Of course, I was sad, but then began to create different names. It evolved into "Taylor'D Designs", but unfortunately, this also was unavailable. Finally, I combined my heritage and former company name to create "Lacheln Designs".

I may not be completely correct in its pronounciation, but with the help of my dad (who can speak some German), I figure it is something like "la-Kiln". (I so want to learn how to speak this language!).

Lacheln is the closure to many of my emails and blog posts, encouraging people to smile.

There, now you know! Is your curiousity satisfied?

Lacheln, :)


Alyssa said...

Thanks for the explanation, I had wondered what that word ment. :)We are German too....perhaps we are distant relations! :D

God bless!!

Miss Kathryn said...

Ah ha! In my ignorance I actually thought it must be some Hebrew word, something akin to shalom. LOL! Thanks for enlightening me. :-)
Have you started a graphic design business? Love your Lacheln logo!

Bailey said...

:o) I just stopped by, curious at the young lady who loved smiles (high five for that!), girls and graphic design...and I was tempted to ask what "lacheln" meant. Celtic, I thought.

Good thing I scrolled down a bit farther.

Love your blog design and the post about Mary further up. (Perhaps I should have been nicer and left two comments, but will one rather long one do? :o))

For Him,