Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello World!

Wow, it seems like it has been months since I last wrote! In reality, it has only been a few short weeks. Life has been busy (as usual) and January was filled with many interesting happenings.

First, in Great Adventure Gospel Band news, our first CD is almost done! The recording process completed and now we are in the final mixing stage. I know for many of you, this all means nothing to you, but this is big news! We are looking to have our CD done by late February. WAHOO! To read our recording stories, visit our blog: http://www.greatadventurefamily.blogspot.com/. The night when Ben first transferred all our recordings to CD for analyzing purposes, I grabbed a portable CD player and listened to the halfway-finished songs, just being blessed by what the Lord has given to us. I am so excited about our first album!
Part of the listening crew (analyzing our CD).
During the month of January, our family was interviewed for the local newspaper, the Isanti County News; to read the interesting article, click here.

Our family "posing" for the newspaper; Photo by Luke Reiter

Our 2011 concert schedule continues to fill up-Praise the Lord!-and we have roughly 19 appearances booked. This next week is going to be busy for the band, as we'll have four concerts in six days. (That can become tiring, but it sure is a whole lot of fun!)


Our "winter wonderland"

A while ago, I peeked outside a window and, discovering the clouds releasing their heavy snow burdens once again, I almost let out an exasperated yelp: "Oh, won't it ever stop!" While I do truly enjoy winter and beautiful snowfalls, I have had a hankering for a warm summer day, with the clear sunshine streaming through the sliding glass door, a cool breeze rustling the lucious green leaves of the trees, the occasional bug running into me in midflight (yep, I'm that desparate!), and...heat!

A friend from church reminded me that February was a short month and then we have March (which means mud and melting up here). That's technically spring, but what I want right now is a perfect June day. Mmmm! (Opps! I'd better brush up on my contentment!)

And yes, Christmas has come and gone, which meant we had to take down all our Christmas decorations. So long ornaments!

Most of my ornaments (note all the blonde hair!)


I have had several opportunities to use my graphic design skills, and am blessed to see doors open for Lacheln Designs. I am currently creating a website for my business, and continuing to grow and learn in this wonderful field.

GodlyGirlhood.org is almost completely designed, needs editing, and will someday soon be published. What exciting developments!

Again, life stays busy for the Triple F Ranch Crew, and we treasure this time together as family. God has great things in store and we continue to follow His leading in our lives.

Well, I feel better now. I have finally written and let you know I am still alive. I have many things to catch up on, and this was one of them. "Surrendering My All Blog": check!

Now...I'm going outside to play "clash swords" with Ben and Leesha, as it is a "heat-wave" (around 30 degrees)! Tootles!

Lacheln, Taylor


Emily said...

How exciting that your family CD is almost out! I have heard ya'll play once at the Alzens benefit concert. Ya'll have beautiful voices.
And exciting that your website is almost done! I'll be sure to check it out when it is.

Miss Taylor said...

Thanks, Emily, for stopping by! Yes, we are thrilled to be almost done with our CD; it's been a long process! :) The same can be said for my website.

Thanks for the encouragement! May God bless your day!