Monday, February 28, 2011

On This Last Day of February

FYI: The link on the below picture was switched from our website to our blog. My mistake!

Isn't interesting how when I do not write at least once a week, it feels as though I have abandoned my blog? :)

February has been an extremely busy and memorable month for our family. Our first CD was sent off to the duplicators last week, my oldest sister returned home, we had a total of six appearances for Great Adventure Gospel Band, school continuing to be in session for Leesha, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb...let's just say we keep busy with the routine tasks about the home and our individual responsibilities!

I have refrained from posting about my recent designing ventures and personal tasks, as I was convicted by this quote from an article I read recently:

"I used to pride myself on keeping so many plates in the air. It's a badge of honor for women today to say, 'Oh, I'm so exhausted! If you knew what I had on my schedule for today!' And we sort of play, 'Poor me!' But we really are bragging about it." ( "Phyllis Wallace: The Woman Behind Woman to Woman" - Lutheran Woman's Quarterly, Spring 2011)

Instead of focusing on my tasks and responsibilities, overwhelming you with my "stuff", and essentially focusing on me, I want to direct you to the Lord, and encourage you in your walk in life. I want to share things the Lord is teaching me in order to inspire you in your journey. Yes, sometimes I will interject personal and fun stuff about me and our family, to keep this blog from becoming "dry", but all in all, it's not about me. I do not desire to come across as "full of myself", but as a sister who shares similiar struggles and walks beside you.

In review, here is my personal mission statement, "To encourage the Body of Christ, especially Christian young women, to passionately serve God in every area of their life, and to give hope to those who are going through similar situations and trials I have experienced." I pray you are encouraged by your stays at my home on the web, and that this blog fulfills my mission statement.

Thanks for visiting, friends! Hope you had a wonderful February!


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