Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poems from the Black Notebook: #1

It's been on my mind for several weeks now to find my little black notebook. I started it last year in the middle of the night when I needed something to write down song ideas and thoughts. It was my constant friend for a while, until I misplaced it. A few days ago, I resolved to find it, as I had several song ideas I wanted to revive. I headed underneath my bed, which, though it has been in worse condition, was slightly unorganized (correction: messy). I struggled with pulling out an overstuffed tub, and when I opened the lid, there it sat, my little black notebook. "Boy, that was easy!" I thought, "Why didn't I do it before?"

I was breezing through it before I sat down at our computer desk, and discovered some neat poems and prayers from a struggling, searching girl. I want to take some time to share them with you, as you might relate to them. They are in no means in perfect prose or rhyme, so please overlook my lack of poetic perfection. So without further ado, here is "Poems from the Black Notebook: #1".

*This particular poem is actually part of a hymn/song I wrote.


Copyright 2010 Taylor Garms

"O This is what I ask of Thee, Out of Thy Love and Sympathy:

Make me clay in Thy Sweet Hands, Submit my will to Thy Great Plans.

O Bow my head so I may see, Yea, tis Thy Footsteps leading me.

Give me hope and strength today, Guide me thru this narrow way."

Lacheln, Taylor


Miss Taylor said...

Dear Daughter Taylor,

Your words are written so beautifully "...O bow my head so I may see, Yea, tis Thy footsteps leading me..." I love this! You are gifted, dear daughter. Keep on sharing your inspiring thoughts.

Thank You, Lord, for helping Taylor to search for You and find You, as she has searched for and found her little black notebook. May all her searchings throughout her life, Lord, lead her to You...always! Amen

I Love You, Sunshine!


The Garms Family said...

Sorry, Taylor, I don't know how to do this comment thing very well! I've forgotten how to change Google accounts. Oops! You will have to show me (again!) how to do this!

Love, Mom

Miss Taylor said...

Dearest Mother,

Thank you so much for taking time to write your note of encouragement to me; I always greatly appreciate it when you share your advice and tender motherly inspiration. :)

It is also a privilege to hear you pray to our Lord and Savior on my behalf; that is something I treasure. Thank you!

I appreciate you and am grateful for your influence in my life. What a wonderful honor it is to have godly parents!

I love you immensely.
Your Sunshine,

P.S. Don't worry about the Blogger profiles...you'll get it figured out someday! ;)

yankeegospelgirl said...

This is very sweet! I hope you don't mind my making just one suggestion that might make it better... Perhaps you could replace the word "sympathy" with something else that would have an "-ee" sound at the end. That particular word just feels a little bit out of place for the hymn-like style you're trying to do (because it sounds so recent). How about instead, "Out of thy love and grace so free"?

This is just a suggestion. Keep it up girl. :D

Miss Taylor said...


You know what...that's a great suggestion! I like it: "Out of Thy love and grace so free." That part kind-of bothered me, so thanks for the help! :) Getting just the right words and rhyming scheme can be such a challenge in songwriting/poetry!