Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Back...Slightly

I'm back.

It has been a month since I announced my hiatus from the blogosphere. A month of laughter, tears, long miles, late nights, deep discussions, and lessons. Time has flown by so quickly I can hardly believe it has been about four weeks from my last post. (Isn't it strange how when one is young, the days just drag by, but now the years go by so uncontrollably fast!)

And now, I'm inclined to continue my hiatus. Let me explain.

I've been evaluating my computer time, and while I absolutely love computer work (designing, blogging, website managing, correspondence, etc. etc.), I see how I am often distracted from assisting more around the home. Many of my responsibilities do revolve around the computer, because it is my forte, and I feel most productive when I am working on my computer tasks, be it designing, writing, video/photo editing...but am I getting sidetracked from my true responsibilities?

I feel I need to pull away more than just a simple blog hiatus. I need to regulate my time so computer work is not the focus of my day. Yes, I have responsibilities and I have specific gifts and interests in the area of computer and internet technology. But I cannot pursue them at the cost of wasting opportunities of serving my family.

Last September when the younger four started school, our family had a schedule, including me. It was great! I tried to limit my online time to about an hour and half and slipped in writing/designing projects in the afternoon. But somewhere between chicken pox and the increase of concerts, the schedule was lost in the ever changing atmosphere of our home. While we do have routine, the schedule has disappeared as uncertainties demand flexibility.

It's time for me to try to embrace as much of a schedule as I can in order to pull the largest amount of productivity from each day. I need to limit more of my computer time and look about the home, see what I'm missing out on, and how I can serve more.

A day without computer work makes me feel like I am wasting my time, but that's because I'm focusing on what I'm not getting done, instead of what I can be doing.

Instead of two hours of writing blog drafts, editing pictures, website hopping, designing...

- I could be trying out a new recipe (though nothing extravagant because of our limited income!) and searching for new recipes for my recipe box.

- I could be reading to my siblings (ugh, Jayme and I need to get back into reading "Elsie Dinsmore"!) or even playing with them.

- I could be taking a walk to keep myself in good health.

- I could be weeding my hosta garden (okay, something I don't necessarily enjoy, but it should be done!).

- I could be organizing piles of papers I've collected over the years. :)

- I could be focused on home-keeping tasks, and ways to assist my family, especially my mother.

- I could be spending more time in God's Word, praying, and seeking the Lord's will in everything.

Flexibility is a must to learn; I must embrace change and not be frustrated when MY plans fail and MY tasks are not accomplished. For who am I focused on? ME! If I surrender my plans, my responsibilities to the Lord and ask Him to direct me in HIS path and HIS will, then truly I will be dying to self, something I must daily do.

Does this mean I am throwing away my laptop and disconnecting the internet? No! I'm instead stepping outside my comfort zone and saying "no" to excessive amounts of computer usage. The Lord has given me gifts, abilities, and messages to share, and I will not ignore the venues (like computer and internet) He has given me. This is just a declaration of my turning, again, my heart toward home. I am going to fully examine my role as a daughter at home, for there is no higher calling at this time for me. It is truly a beautiful thing to serve one's own family and surrender one's all through ministry at home.

I will continue to blog, but blogging is not going to be a top priority. I will learn to manage my time wisely, and be productive in the little things around home. It is both exciting and worrying at the same time, but absolutely necessary.

So, how's the Lord been working on your life recently? Has He been drawing your heart to home and family, refocusing your priorities? I would love to hear of His work in your life! I have so much more to tell of the Lord's tender work in my life...but I'll share that when I have opportunity after I have served my family and re-prioritized. ;)

(Oh, I suppose you've noticed the new blog design by now! I'm in the midst of redesigning it, so be aware it is not finished yet! :) )



Hannah said...

Great post Taylor! I really enjoyed talking to you the other evening. Thanks for the encouragement in this post to focus on family, not computer. I need to work on that! :-)

Oh, by the way, I just LOVE your new blog design! That greenish color is just gorgeous! :-)

Miss Taylor said...

I loved talking with you as well, Hannah! Let's do it again...soon! :)

You're welcome for the blog post! I realized it was time to really start getting a handle on too much computer time. It will be a challenge, but I'm already feeling freer. :) Ah, there's something new to be learning all the time...

Glad you like the new blog design! I hope to keep tweaking it to make it look even better. :)

Have a great, God-blessed day!

Psalm 28:7

Barbara said...

Very encouraging post Taylor! Although I have dealt with prioritizing my computer in the past, it is good to be reminded to be careful. Thank you for the great example! May God bless your time and give you joy in serving your family.

Btw, your blog looks great!

In the service of the King,
Barbara Sutton
Proverbs 22:17-21

Miss Taylor said...

*Barbara: Thank you for your encouraging words! I do not claim to be great example, but I do strive to be honest about my failings and weaknesses so others may learn as well! :)

I enjoyed visiting your blog; keep serving the Lord wholeheartedly and giving Him glory through your life (and smile! ;) ).

James 3:17

yankeegospelgirl said...

Thanks for this post. I have also been feeling the need to limit my computer/Internet time. Because my life is much less busy than yours, the temptation to spend a lot of my time that way is even stronger. I also have a tendency to repeat a lot... what I mean by that is I will check the same website over and over and OVER again in the course of a day, just to see if there's some little update or some new comment. So yeah, it's definitely a kind of addiction for me. There are definitely other productive things I could be doing. Your reminder is timely! Thanks again.

Miss Taylor said...

*YGG: You're welcome! It is an extreme challenge to limit computer time, especially, like you said, when becomes literally an addiction. There's just too much one can do on it! :-D

We have company coming today, so it took a lot of self-control to not get on web tasks right after breakfast and devotions, and instead focus on how I could help make sure our home was ready. That was a challenge! (And I'm still needing to limit my time today since there are a few things left to prepare!)

Balance, moderation, self-control, and priorities - all great things to be cultivating through limiting computer time! And IT'S HARD! :)

Isaiah 26:3

Kathryn Grace said...

Great post... I too love blogging, photo editing, designing etc. on the computer and I do it a lot. But it can't be a priority since my main job is to be a daughter serving at home! Thanks for the thought provoking post.

Miss Taylor said...

*Kathryn Grace: You're welcome; I like to write thought-provoking posts! ;)

Priorities, priorities, priorities! I have always struggled with misplaced priorities, and probably will to the day I die! It is a difficult task to balance my life and I'm certain you can relate to! :) And most of all, I am learning to seek GOD'S priorities, instead of MINE!