Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Purity Pact

At 13 years of age, I made the decision to keep myself pure for my future husband and I chose not to date. Throughout the years, I have made boundaries for myself and have verbally told people my standards, but I recently realized I have never written precisely what they were. I did this exercise in my journal to set in stone my purity pact, and to make sure I have my commitments written down. I'm sharing them with you as inspiration if you have never set boundaries for yourself, or have never made a commitment to purity.


September 21st, 2011

  • I am committed to courtship, and refuse to date.
  • I will not have solitary phone conversations with young men.
  • I will not be in a room alone with another man.
  • I will keep physical contact with young men (and guys in general) to a minimum: handshakes and "quick" hugs are acceptable, "long hugs", holding hands, patting back/arm, etc. are not allowable.
  • If I feel intimidated or am made uncomfortable by any guy (young or old), I will seek help, protection, and safety from my older brother, father, or another safe person.
  • Emails to young men are done through the family's email account for accountability purposes and generally will have an editor - unless it is a quick correspondence. My parents have access to all my email accounts, and business emails with men are focused on business.
  • I will not have in-depth personal conversations with young men.
  • No snail mail correspondence with any guy.
  • I will not ride alone in a vehicle with a young man, and generally not with any guy, unless out of great necessity.
  • As for me, I will avoid and shun flirtatious behavior. This behavior is appalling to me and definitely "unattractive".
Is it okay to be friends with young men? Yes, I believe it is all right to have brother/sister-in-the-Lord relationships. But there must be boundaries to keep the friendship pure and safe. It is so easy to go a step further than originally intended, so it is very important to have accountability (preferably through parents and siblings).

May I always treat young men as brothers - unless they are of such character so as to be avoided. From the times I have overstepped my boundaries, I move on with a freshly determined outlook, resolving not to compromise.

Taylor K. Garms
September 21st, 2011
"Keep yourself pure..." 1st Timothy 5:22b


What boundaries have you established for yourself? I urge you to deeply consider and pray about your own "purity pact"!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Smorgasbord of Randomness

Coming off a deep theological discussion like we recently had on my blog, I wanted to do a totally random post of things which may (or may not) interest you. :) Enjoy this "smorgasbord of randomness"! (Randomness is my specialty, by the way.)

- Eek! The kitchen reeks of pickles! An unidentified Lil' Adventurer (LA) just smashed a jar of pickles. Thankfully, the Garms Family First Responders have quickly cleaned up the scene of disaster. Ironically, this is the second pickle the LA dropped today (the first he was using to water a plant).

- Tuesday is always our Wal-mart raiding day (i.e. grocery shopping). We are glad to be home safely, as after we stuffed our provisions for the week in the Mercury Topaz's small trunk, Mom noticed the right back tire was almost flat (right underneath where I sit - and no, it wasn't my fault!). So, we got some air to get us home, and shortly after we arrived home, the tire went totally flat. We have more problems with tires this month than we have for years (don't ask)...

- Preparations for the Floyd Gospel Sing in Floyd, IA are underway! We have been looking forward to this for about a year, and we are thrilled to be part of it. If any of you are in Iowa, I/we would love to meet you there! Click here for more details. Also, we're so excited to see Ernie Haase and Signature Sound for the first time in five years this Thursday in Iowa! (We're calling it a mini-vacation for our family. :) ) Leesha and Jayme just came in and showed me an outfit idea for the concert - the excitement is building! (Oh, NO! What am I going to wear to the concert? I'd better start planning! :-D )

- I've officially adapted to the singer's schedule: stay up late, get up late. I'm getting a little tired (don't mind the pun) of going to bed around midnight each night, but there's always so much to do! (I'm actually more of a night person, anyway.) So, I am hoping to get to bed earlier, so I get up earlier and maybe accomplish more that way.

- Siblings are awesome. They are hilarious. On our way up to our concert in Aitkin, MN this Sunday, we had a side-splitting episode of "That's Us": two Australian friends, "Cooper" (me) and "Riley" (Leesha), and their occasional sidekick, "Andrew" (Ben). These Aussies entertained some small "joeys" (Sam, Jayme, and Caleb) as they toured a foreign country (northern Minnesota) and sang "Home, home on the Outback, where the dingoes and kangaroos play" (with pathetic Australian accents). [As I'm typing this, I am saying each word I type in "Cooper's" voice - oh, brother!] It is the joke of the week, I think! "Gidday, mates!"

- I added a Morgan Monroe MMS-8 mandolin to my collection of instruments recently. It was about time to upgrade (my former mando had chops which sounded like I was using a sustain pedal), and I absolutely love my "peach-blossom baby"! It's tone is impeccably beautiful, it's chops solid, and it's play-ability superb. Ingredients for a great mandolin, which thankfully didn't cost thousands of dollars!

Me and "Morgan"

- I am actually planning several giveaways (suppress your excitement and wait patiently, okay?) in the near future. I've never done a giveaway before, but it will be fun and a new experience!

- Well, I suppose I've been random enough. Let me close with a video of my "Favorite Quartet of All Time": the Cathedral Quartet. I was hoping to write a blog introducing y'all to my favorite music in August, but alas, in this I did not succeed. (I was planning to start a new holiday called, "Tell a Friend About Southern Gospel Music Day". :) ) But, if you've never experienced SGM, here's a good start, and you crave more, visit this link to immerse yourself in SGM:

(Ugh, just watched the entire video and realized they cut off the ending of the song! *sob* Well, enjoy what you see!)

Well, I have to get packing for the our Iowa trip and setting the table. (Last night I made a family favorite hotdish: "Club Day Chicken Casserole" and I'm enjoying it's wonderful smell as it cooks in the oven; someday I'll share the recipe.) Onward and forward, as Mom likes to say!

Enjoy the rest of the fleeting summer!


(Post Script: Obviously, this post was drafted earlier today!)