Monday, February 11, 2013

One Word 2013: Grace

Grace 2013

How’s 2013 going for you thus far? I believe I can safely say that 2013 is bound to be filled with the greatest change and growth for me yet in all my twenty (rapidly approaching twenty-one) years. And falling off the ottoman in the last moments of 2012 has nothing to do with it.

Or, maybe it does.

It was during Leesha’s “End of the Year Report” – what a wonderful report she had – yes, the final minutes of the glorious year 2012, and I had to re-position the ottoman I was sitting on. The red room, the cozy fireplace, and my family surrounding me began to disappear in slow motion as the ottoman dramatically began to tip. The thought plodded (as I related, it was all in slow motion) through my mind, “Oh. I’m falling over. And I can’t stop it.” BAM went the ottoman and KER-SLAM went me. My back responded in whimpers of pain as my family burst out laughing. (I admit, it must have been a hilarious sight.) I – slightly humiliated - picked up the fallen ottoman, wondering what exactly happened, and resumed my perch on the suddenly untrustworthy piece of furniture.

Okay. What does that have to do with 2013?