Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Announcing: A new website has been born

A momentous thing has occurred in the internet: a new website has been born.

But really, what is a website? Some code, some images, some words, that’s all — birthed from an abstract idea, crafted into a concrete form, and intended for a purpose, a vision, a passion.

There are thousands, if not millions, of websites clamoring for your attention when you open your browser of choice. There are emails to check, friends’ blogs to read, world news to catch up on, music to listen to, and don’t forget “that thing” you’ve been meaning to search…which subsequently leads you to a nearly endless amount of sites to visit.

So, why would you want to read this blog? Maybe because I’m another one of your friends who blogs occasionally. Maybe because the name is intriguing, or the design appeals to you. Maybe you’re curious, maybe you’re bored — who knows?

Besides, you’re a busy person, and I’m a busy person, so why do I bother to write and ask for a few minutes of your already full day (and devote my own time to write)?

It’s simple. I believe we are missing our calling.

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