Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seeing Jesus in the least of these

Strange gurgling noises caused me to look up in surprise. I had to see who in the world was sitting down in the chair across from me. I didn’t stare, but I couldn’t help stop the queasy feeling that flew over me. Before me was the stunted figure of a grizzled man. His face was oddly proportioned with large vacant eyes. The weird gasping, gurgling noises from his throat increased as he struggled to lift his stiff body into a chair much too tall for his compressed stature. I immediately turned back to my notebook — guilt overcoming me — though the uneasy fear made me focus harder on the nearly blank page in front of me.

When the medical assistant cheerfully called for “Richard”, the deformed man slid out of the chair, clutched his giant walker, and wobbled to the back, his personal care assistant following close behind. The gurgling noises faded with him into the hallway. I was relieved. Face it: he was different. I was…scared.

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