Who is Taylor Garms?

Miss Taylor Garms is the 19-year old daughter of David and Kris Garms. She is the third of the eight children the Lord has blessed David and Kris with. Taylor and her family live in Minnesota on eight acres along with an elderly man who lives in their home, and their cat, Daffy, and her kitten Timmi.

Taylor is the third graduate of the Garms family homeschool (2010). "Homeschooling has been such a privilege!" says Taylor.

Taylor and her family love music. "Not a day goes by without music drifting through the house in some form. There is always singing going on, or music being played or listened to." They formed the group Great Adventure Gospel Band and have begun sung around Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa, and the Lord continues to open doors for other areas. "There's nothing I'd rather do," comments Taylor about the family music ministry.

As soprano of the group, she sings either descant or melody. Taylor plays mandolin, piano, fiddle, guitar, and jaw harp.

During her free time, she can most usually be found with a drawing book and pencil, or doing computer work on her story ideas, graphic designing, and managing websites. The nutty one of the family, Taylor loves making her family members laugh with corny jokes, yet there is a serious side to her (maybe).Taylor is a talented artist, winning second place in HSLDA's 2008 National Art contest, placing first numerous times in Braham Pie Day's art contest, and competing in the Kanabec County Fair.

Visit her website, http://www.godlygirlhood.org/ or the family's website, http://www.greatadventurefamily.com/ for more info on Taylor and her family.